Founder & ArtISTIC Director

Luke Peters: Luke is a newborn child from the womb of Ryerson University's Media Production program. He believes passion is more important then talent, hence the collection of amazing people he has surrounded himself with. Luke loves boasting about his Star Wars knowledge, starting projects and talking about those projects. He is known for being one of the creators of the award-winning documentary Tutti A Tavola. You will see Luke as the Co host of We Don't Deserve a Podcast and one of the founders of this company.

HEAD OF Logistics

Alanna Hopper:  Alanna is a newly graduated student from the clutches of Guelph Humber.   Alanna is a journalist whose organisational skills are only matched by her love for her best friend Hunter who is the most handsome chocolate lab in the entire world. You can check her out as the co-host of literally all of our current podcasts or check out her work at alannahopper.com.  

Project lead

Claire Garber: A multi dimensional traveler, both mind and body Claire seek new places, people and opportunities to build and grow herself and ICC. With her third eye She runs a jewelry company and host a podcast. You can see Claire as the host of Forced Alter Ego. Her current mantra, tell the truth, be kind and most importantly, dance the night away.

Video Lead

Chris Mayhew: Chris is a magical creator… Literally! Throughout the past decade Chris Mayhew has developed a beautifully unique way to create, perform and entertain. A nerd at heart and a true world explorer Chris is a magician like no other and not a half bad videographer at that. He's like a real life kungfu panda - strong willed, surprisingly agile and with an infectious laugh. You might not see much of Chris in front of the camera but he is a crucial cog in the sexy mess of a machine that is Instant Cult Classic.