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I Don’t Deserve a Podcast.

Why do countless creatives have anxiety, are plagued with this need of perfectionism and filled with a fear of failure and self doubt? I Don’t Deserve a podcast is a audio project focusing on the effects of Imposter Syndrome as it pertains to creators. Luke Peters’ sits down with directors, writers, illustrators and many more amazing guests to ask the question, what do you need to do to feel fulfilled in the media industry and what does Luke need to do to deserve a podcast.

The Adolescence of Archie Dupont

The year is 2017, our story takes us to the Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto, drawing wistful teens to its sandy beaches and quaint boardwalk. Inspired by style and films of the 70s We follow a girl that has lived there her entire life there named Archie. Archie has mapped out the perfect girl but when this girl shows up in Archie's life Archie must struggle with the understanding that the relationship can’t be real. Archie is not alone for the experience. She is joined by an aspiring writer and narrator named Eli. His ironic attitude is only broken by his sincere care and concern for his friend Archie. With animated elements and some outstandings songs from the Toronto band Nutrients, look forward to seeing it mid 2019

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Still on the Air

This fresh take on the talk show brings outstanding comedy back to Toronto with a huge influence from improv. what the audience gets is an extremely authentic and outrageous talk show that highlights canadian guests from music tv movies art and more. The talk shows success comes from great guests, Musical segments and a charming host.

The Mayhem Tour: Europe

In 2017 Luke Peters and Chris Mayhew conducted lecture tour across 10 European cities. On the trip they discussed mental illness and the connection between performance and confidence. They visited Newcastle Sheffield Bradford Edinburgh Liverpool Paris Aberdeen Amsterdam Blackburn and London.

You can book Chris and Luke to talk at your event by emailing instantcultclassic@gmail.com

Everyone to the Table: Tutti A Tavola

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The connection between food and family in most cultures is very important. With this documentary we set out to explore the cultures and foods of two families of Italian descent in Toronto. This documentary follows the Italian immigration story discussing the importance family, struggle and food. Join us as we bring Everyone to The Table.